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George Nelson and HM, in George’s own words…


George Nelson’s hugely significant relationship with Herman Miller began when our founder DJ DePree walked into his New York office in the mid 1940′s and invited him to come and design for the company. In his own words, George writes of that fateful day;

“There was no way at the time of realizing that this quiet, courteous man, conservatively dressed in a dark three-piece suit and a broad-brimmed hat, had just turned my life inside out. I remember worrying about my total ignorance of the furniture industry, and suggesting that he look around first for a real pro. He thought about this for a minute, agreed to look around, and quietly left.”

This is just a tiny extract from an essay George Nelson wrote in 1984, reflecting on his long career with Herman Miller – a relationship that shaped not only our company, but the course of mid-century modern design. It makes for fascinating reading and allows you a rare glimpse into the mind of a design great, whilst explaining how Herman Miller became the design-led company we remain to be today. We recently shared this essay with Fast Company who have decided to publish it as a series and have just published part one on their website; The Legendary George Nelson on Creating a Design-Driven Company. Happy reading…

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